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Welcome to Icing on the Edge - where Wedding Cakes with Exquisite Flavor meet Extraordinary Style!We create custom works of art in cake exclusively for your wedding celebration or large event!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for your cakes?

My desire is to design a one of a kind wedding cake for you.  At the consultation we can design your vision for your wedding cake.  My price for butter cream wedding cakes is $4.00 per serving and for fondant cakes it is $5.00 per serving. Grooms cakes pricing depends on the design of the cake.  Carved or sculpted cakes start at $150.00, which is not based on servings but based on design. The carved cakes must be done in pound cakes. 

How soon can I order a cake? 

For wedding cakes, you can set the date with us when you come for a consultation or by a phone call and making your deposit of $100.00. If your wedding is in a popular month like May and June or September or October, you may want to get on the calendar 12 months out.  We only take a few weddings per weekend so with the $100 deposit, that secures the date for your wedding and nothing else. Even if you change your vision for your cake you can change any thing up to 2 weeks out from your wedding. 

How do you transport my wedding cake?

I have a cake transport system that I deliver all my cakes in.  It is completely enclosed with a steel rod that secures the cake from top to bottom.  It works great especially in the summer when it is so hot.  

How do you support the cake tiers?

I have very expensive support systems and they are made of steel and hard poly guaranteeing that they will support any cake of any size.  Unlike wooden dowel rods they don't leave little pieces of wood in your cake and they can be cleaned. The support systems are used every week so I ask that you return them by Tuesday evening following the wedding you are going away on a honeymoon we can make other arrangements.  If not you will be charged a per tier fee of $40.00 per tier plus expedited shipping.

Do you have "tastings?"

We will do 2 sample cake for brides and grooms when they come for a consultation. The cakes are 7 in rounds and there will be plenty for you to take to share with other family and friends.  Please go to "options" and select 2 cake flavors and 2 filling flavors. If you want more than 2 cakes to try, each additional cake is $15.00


Can I make an appointment?

We would love to meet with you at your convenience. I meet for consultations on Monday, Tuesday from 12:00 to 7:30 and on Wednesday from 11:00 to 4:00.  I typically do not make an appointments on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday as I am in the process of making and delivering cakes. Sunday is my day of rest.  Please call or email for an appointment.   704-787-8224

Do you deliver?

Yes, there is a minimum charge of $55.00.

Do you ship?

Sorry, we do not ship cakes.

What is your payment policy?

I accept cash and checks. At the time of the consultation, you will be able to save the day by placing a $100.00 deposit.  The $100.00 comes off your balance. I realize that you will not have an accurate number of guests until you are closer to the wedding so adjustments can be made up to two weeks out.  Also, at the two week mark the final payment is due. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Since I only take a few wedding cakes per week, the "save the date" deposit is not refundable if you have your wedding from April 15th through June 30th, and then starting Sept 1st through November 15th.  The other months of the year, your deposit is refundable up to 6 months out.



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